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To the best Mom


I love you, Ma!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the world.



Anne! its your birthday today!

The Birthday Girl!

What: Anne Marie Zarco Tagalog’s Birthday Celebration

When: February 19, 2012

Where: Dong Juan, Guadalupe, Cebu City

Happy Birthday, Anne Marie

we wish you all the best.

We love you.


Viva Pit Senyor 2012

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Sinulog is an annual feast celebration for Sr. Sto Nino.

This year’s celebration is different from my usual Sinulog activity.

My family in Manila paid a visit and I was their “tour guide” all throughout their stay.

How did you celebrate your Sinulog 2012?



Sinulog 2012

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Viva Pit Senyor!


JYJ – Christmas Party

I am so blessed to be part of JYJ  – my high school group.

Jhamie and Yvonne , i know you that you are living your own lives now but I appreciate the fact

that despite all your hectic schedules, you made the small event happened.

God knows how happy I am to have a cream and a coffee on my table 🙂

Naks – I am being emo now – cheesssyyyy checheritos hahahah


Breakfast Christmas Party

Its Christmas! One thing I like about Christmas is the idea that we can share our blessings

and be thankful for what happened the whole year.

I love giving surprises and I love to see people open their gifts and be surprised.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

P.S.: I got two lip balms from Faceshop – thank you Michael Lauron 🙂


Fiesta to the Left = Fiesta to the Right

It was the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe and I got the chance to bond

with my cousins, brother and his girlfriend.

We had Mojitos Gold Tequila and everyone enjoyed the drink.

Special thanks to my beautiful cousin, Jeramae Gacho for editing these photos and teaching me

how to utilize the settings of my camera.