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Picture of the Day: Bohol Bee Farm products

One of the “must” places to visit is Bohol Bee Farm.

Why? If you are an eco friendly and you are the type that wants all organic products.

Then, Bohol Bee Farm is the right place for you.

I have tried mango, honey and pesto spread and undoubtedly they are fantastic in taste

and healthy.



Kiwi fruit and its Health Benefits

Lately, my sister in New Zealand is kept on telling us to buy and eat kiwi fruit always because of its health benefits.

So what is a kiwi fruit and its health benefits

I have found out that the kiwifruit is the main crop in New Zealand and in some countries.

Kiwifruit has hairy brown peel and has a soft greenish flesh with black seeds. It has a tasteful and unique taste too.

Research revealed that this fruit is rich of Vitamin C, E and A, that can protect our body from free radicals.

It can help boost our immune system.

Studies conducted that Kiwifruit can decrease the risk of colon cancer and age related macular degeneration (ARMD)

and improve the conditions of people with asthma.

Eating kiwi regularly is definitely a clear way to stay healthy.


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