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Bantayan 2012

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I’m a beach bum — going to the beach is part of my system.

I invited my few friends to Bantayan.

I have been going back to Bantayan for a main reason: I simply love the beach and the sand.

There are memorable experiences that I can’t forget in this island.

For the love of Bantayan, what are your memorable moments with friends, families, and gf/bf.




Birhen sa Regla Pilgrims

These photos were taken during our visit in Opon, Birhen sa Regla šŸ™‚


Lanipao Falls

These pictures were taken at Lanipao Falls.

It is one of the nearest falls with in Cebu City



Explore the island of Boracay

Here are some of the pictures during my vacation in Boracay Island.

There are a lot of things to be done in Boracay.


Poolie Pool Pool

Posting these pictures is late. But I want to share them to you.

The pool is so nice.


2 Days 1 Night

This was just a spontaneous beach activity.

But it turned out to be one of the most spectacular experiences we have.

The actual plan was to stay in Santander only but

anything can go any else where with my friends, Emma and Kristine.

So, we explored Dumaguete City.

Please check some of our photos.

I love my floral polo and my yellow shorts šŸ™‚



Sunday is Olango Day

First of all, I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs Fudalan

for inviting me to come with them.

I had fun, we all had fun.

My Sunday is worthy of all the nice adventures we had today.


in Olango