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Welcome 2012!

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Happy New Year, Everyone!

Wishing you the best for 2012.



Lanipao Falls

These pictures were taken at Lanipao Falls.

It is one of the nearest falls with in Cebu City



Kim the wondercat

Kim is our pet.

She is a wondercat because she had given birth many times already.

Can’t imagine that we have given some of her offsprings to few of our friends.

A friend is kept on telling me to have her castrated but unfortunately – we don’t have time.

But I promise to have her neutered before 2011 ends.


Reaching Out

Reaching out to people who were victims of life’s misery.

We are helping them to move on and to get the change they want.

The least thing we can help is by giving them chances to live a life they want.


Sunday Blues

Hayzzz – went for  a swim to release the stress from work and studies.


Stefan – Elena – Damon ( The Vampire Diaries )

I must admit that watching the series “The Vampire Diaries” is now part of my routine.

I am loving every episode and it makes think beyond what is normal!

If you are fond of watching this series. Then please share me your favourite lines, episodes, who do you prefer Damon or Stefan?

This could be a good thing to discuss!

Let me know your thoughts!


Picture of the Day: Angel in Disguise

Have you ever thought that someone is destined to be part of your life?

I am experiencing an emotional disturbance now, wherein I have to let him go for two good reasons:

1. it is the best way to end my misery

2. it is the best  for his future

hayyyy, if God has alloted a special someone to each and everyone.

My question now is, when and where can i meet him?

In the right time! In the right time! In the right time.