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AM Back!

My last post was way back 2012 and in the span of two years, a lot of things, bad and good, happened. Life must go on as they say but i learned a lot of lessons on what had happened to me. Anyway, I am too dramatic now!

I am too excited to fill my blog with good stuffs and can wait to share these to you.

Lately, been craving to eat these shabu shabu.






The last time I had them was April 2014 in Gateway Food Bazaar, Manila. I think these are perfect for rainy days. Haaaayyyyzzzz, can someone cook them for me or buy and deliver to me?





To the best Mom


I love you, Ma!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the world.


Anne! its your birthday today!

The Birthday Girl!

What: Anne Marie Zarco Tagalog’s Birthday Celebration

When: February 19, 2012

Where: Dong Juan, Guadalupe, Cebu City

Happy Birthday, Anne Marie

we wish you all the best.

We love you.


Viva Pit Senyor 2012

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Sinulog is an annual feast celebration for Sr. Sto Nino.

This year’s celebration is different from my usual Sinulog activity.

My family in Manila paid a visit and I was their “tour guide” all throughout their stay.

How did you celebrate your Sinulog 2012?



Sinulog 2012

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Viva Pit Senyor!


Bantayan 2012

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I’m a beach bum — going to the beach is part of my system.

I invited my few friends to Bantayan.

I have been going back to Bantayan for a main reason: I simply love the beach and the sand.

There are memorable experiences that I can’t forget in this island.

For the love of Bantayan, what are your memorable moments with friends, families, and gf/bf.



Welcome 2012!

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Happy New Year, Everyone!

Wishing you the best for 2012.